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Positive Psychology Practitioner Training Program

Positive Psychology Practitioner Training Program

Positive Psychology Practitioner training is a six-month program offered by Joylla, in cooperation with Finnish summer universities. It is the most comprehensive positive psychology study program available in Finland, and currently offered in Finnish only.

Positive psychology, a subfield of psychology, is the study and practice of human well-being, character strengths and flourishing.

Positive Psychology Practitioner program offers participants a strong theoretical background, as well as a variety of effective, research-based tools and techniques for applying knowledge in professional and personal life contexts.

Program content is based on Joylla’s adaptation of the science-based framework for flourishing (PERMA-V), which acknowledges six building blocks to well-being:

• Positive emotion

• Engagement

• Relationships

• Meaning

• Achievement

• Vitality

Accordingly, the program (20 credit points) consists of six modules running for one month each.

We offer a version of the training that runs entirely online, featuring pre-recorded lectures accessible at any time. A second option includes a combination of online study and three two-day classroom study sessions.

Each study module contains the following:

5 - 6 hours of lectures

Individual course work (including a practice book with positive psychology exercises, suggestions for further reading, a final project, and more)

Two six-hour, in-person meetings with lecturers and smaller study groups of students (excluding the months with classroom study sessions in the combination version)


The program will give participants a strong theoretical foundation to competently apply positive psychology in practice. For example, positive psychology approaches can be used in coaching situations, various teaching disciplines, skill training and human resource development contexts. They can also be applied in personal life situations of each student.


PPP training program is suitable for anyone working with people, especially as complementary training for professionals within the fields of HR, education, healthcare and social work.

Counsellors, psychologists, managers and executives of all types of organizations will benefit from the program.

No previous knowledge or formal study in the psychology field is required to participate; PPP is designed to be accessible by anyone with deep interest in the science of well-being.*

Lectures are presented by Netta Lehtonen (MS, coach, B.Sc.) and Paulina Piippo (MS, coach, M.Sc.), the founders of Oy Joylla Ab, both of whom hold a Master´s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London. They are joined by guest lecturers with unique backgrounds and experiences in the field.

If you have questions, we’d love to answer them! Please contact us by using our details below.

General inquiries: info (at) joylla.com

Netta Lehtonen tel. +358 50 345 1045, netta (at) joylla.com

Paulina Piippo tel. +358 40 506 8762, paulina (at) joylla.com

Lenita Lehtonen tel. +358 50 345 1035, lenita (at) joylla.com

Apart from PPP, we offer all services in Finnish, Swedish and English. More information can be found at joylla.com.

*Due to our desire to provide a highly accessible educational program, PPP does not culminate in a licence to practice as a Psychologist, Therapist or Coach.

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Contact us

Contact us

If you liked to chat with us, you can reach Paulina at the number +358 40 5068762 and Netta +358 50 3451045. You can also write to paulina( at )joylla.com or netta( at )joylla.com.

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